BORN : 30 March 1997

Sire : Akkord

Dam : Sandby Tuppence            out of HIS Penny Lane IV


Angel was bred by Lesley Carter of Sandby Stud, Southampton.  She had a very brief riding career as a youngster and then became a broodmare for about five years.   We bought Angel during the period we were starting the farm up so were then able to just "play" with Angel at home for a couple of years until we were ready to start her work in earnest.   Angel was a very nervous mare, with severe behind the ear issues, which made bridling her up VERY difficult, and most days this would take about 30 minutes, and that was just the bridle!!    She was very nervous of the pigs and cows that we had at the time and so the few years was spent desensitising her but the time and patience was well spent as she is now a very level headed mare with impeccable manners.

Angel is now retired.

Competing with Samantha