BORN : 10 June 2000

Sire : Adamello

Dam : Fleetwater Friday's Child            by Achterman


Falcon was our first ever experience of breeding and Friday certainly made our very first experience a pleasurable one.   The foaling was text book and Falcon arrived at 1.30 a.m., on a frosty June Saturday morning.  Right from day one he was the perfect growing foal.   He always grew "up" and then "out" and was always in proportion.  We have always said he should have been born a filly as he has always been "pretty". 

We had Falcon part-bred branded at Harmsworth Farm and Terry Hyde from the Trakehner Breeders Fraternty asked us if we were taking him to "The Breed Show" in the September but we admitted to him that we had thought about it but not too seriously.   We were then advised that we should take him and so the decision was made we were off to Warwickshire in September!  

Well a crash course in showing was going to be needed as Falcon hadn't been anywhere at all up until now, except to the vets to be gelded and to Harmsworth to have his bum burnt neither of which could be construed as pleasant for him!!!    I think we managed to fit in four in hand shows one of which included Ellingham and Ringwood and he was placed in all classes.    He was well behaved and travelled well so Warwickshire here we come!

The day of the show finally arrived and Falcon was entered in the 2 year old class.   Bathed, plaited, preened and pampered and off we went.   We arrived at the show and shortly before we were due to go to our class Louise Ettridge, a very good friend of ours, said "where's the white tape".   "What white tape" we ask.  "You can't take him in without tape!"   The tape was found and plaits were taped accordingly.    We had so much to learn, but who better to learn from.   

I had my little chat with Falcon in the warmup that all he had to do was go in and "strut his stuff" and boy did he do us proud.   Paul then presented Falcon, he then ran with him and then he was let loose on the triangle.   The toes flicked out in trot, the hocks rose and then his beautiful canter.    What a pretty, cocky gelding!  He was then re-presented and left the arena.   

The class was amalgamated as 1, 2 and 3 year olds and all competitors were walking the arena.  The results were finally being called.   6th is ..... 5th is ..... 4th is ..... (by this time my heart is racing, there were so many horses in the arena) 3rd is ........ 2nd is Falcon's Flight, oh my goodness we couldn't believe it, we knew he was good but didn't realise he was THAT good!!!

Over the years we have come to realise just how fortunate we are to have bred such a good foal from Friday.   Falcon has his quirks; he can't stand tied up without "dancing" with his front feet, he doesn't weave he just dances with both front feet.   He has a busy brain and when he gets bored looks for mischief.  Nothing can be left in his field otherwise it will be taken for a walk, whatever it is.   Don't turn your back on a wheelbarrow full of pooh otherwise that'll be upturned quicker than you can blink.   

Falcon is now retired.  

Falcon's sire the wonderful Adamello (photo courtesy of Trakehners UK)

Falcon's dam the beautiful Fleetwater Friday's Child