BORN : 14 April 2007

Sire : Black Magic Boy     by Beatos

Dam : Kenia IV                by EH Tenor


We are very proud to announce that on the 15 May 2013 Karat HD arrived here safely from Germany and is now one of our wonderful competition Trakehners.    Esel was bred and owned by Jaqueline Klante in Germany who has very kindly sold him to us as a very well produced 6 year old.   He stands 179cms high, of extreme beauty and elegance.    He was seen by us in a sale catalogue to happen in Germany on the 4 May 2013 and the Beatos/Tenor bloodlines were just too good to pass up.   We already own three horses with these bloodlines individually so to have them wrapped up in one horse was too good an opportunity to miss.   The plan for Esel will be to carry on where Jaqueline left off with his flat work and affiliate him with British Dressage and progress him on with his dressage career path.  He has three amazing basic paces and beautiful natural elevated movement and we must nurture this exciting dressage prospect to his full potential.     


Imported points/assessed

30 BD points

Period - 04.01.2014 to 26.01.2014Prelim points gained

15 BD points

Period - 01.02.2014 to 08.02.2015Novice points gained

90 BD points

February to October 2015 serious training time :o)


 10.10.2015Bishop Burton College Novice 30 66.73% 1st 4 BD points 
10.10.2015 Bishop Burton College Elementary 49 66.33% 5th 4 BD points 
 01.11.2015Epworth Equestrian Centre Elementary 44 63.20%2 BD points 
01.11.2015  Epworth Equestrian CentreElementary 53 62.06%2 BD points 
 28.11.2015Hill House Equestrian Centre Elementary 43 63.96% 2nd 2 BD points 
28.11.2015 Hill House Equestrian Centre Elementary 59 62.18% 3rd 2 BD points 
 23.01.2016Manor Grange Stud Elementary 43 65.34% 1st (B) 3 BD points 
23.01.2016 Manor Grange Stud Elementary 59 62.18% 1st (B) 2 BD points 
  January 2016 to December 2016 training    
 18.12.2016Yorkshire Dressage, Aldham Mill Novice 38 65.96% 1st (B) 3 BD points 
 18.12.2016Yorkshire Dressage, Aldham Mill Elementary 53 62.35% 4th (B) 2 BD points 
 16.09.2017Port Royal EECElementary 43 62.75 %1st (B) 2 BD points 
 16.09.2017Port Royal EEC Elementary 53 60.14 %1st (B) 1 BD points 
 14.10.2017Port Royal EEC Elementary 43 62.93%  2nd (B)2 BD points
 14.10.2017Port Royal EEC Elementary  5359.41% 1st (B) 


Again a truly amazing experience for Esel and I.    Until a few months ago I had never in my life ridden a freestyle to music test, and never did I ever think I would at a British Dressage Regional Championships.  As the day for Regionals came closer it looked less and less likely that we going to get there after all.   Three weeks previous to Esel's big day we had no left lead canter due to a "play session" out in the field with Rodney, ending up with Esel landing on the floor in an unceremonious heap !!!     Way too much horse to be leaping and cavorting around.   The result was a bruised hamstring on the offside and obvious resulting over-compensating.  Kept working on his lateral work in training and finally managed to find an equine chiropractor to sort out his back and after lots of hard work to catch up to where we needed to be, to at least produce a good enough test on the day, we finally made it !!   

Novice Freestyle to Music 2012 - 66.48% - Overall placing 14th out of 25
C Judge - A Smith - 118.5 marks - 65.83%
M Judge - Clare Robinson - 116.5 marks - 64.72%
E Judge - Helen Clark - 124 marks - 68.88%



What a truly amazing experience this was for Esel and I.    Mine and his first ever Regional Championships and only affiliated BD for 8 months.   He was an absolute superstar and Paul and I were very proud.

Prelim 17 - 67.95% - Overall placing 20th out of 55
H Judge - Karen Barker - 170.5 marks - 65.57%
C Judge - Helen Bradley - 182.5 marks - 70.19%
B Judge - C Ballantyne - 177 marks - 68.07%

Novice 39 - 64.48% - Overall 21st out of 29
H Judge - Andrew Bennie - 193 marks - 66.55%
C Judge - G Lewis - 187 marks - 64.48%
B Judge - Helen Bradley - 181 marks - 62.41%