BORN : 22 June 2012

Sire : Holme Park Legend

Dam : Sockburn Isadora            by Illuster


Well Ellie had been waxed up 10 days and went to bed on the Thursday night with milk gushing from both teats - tonight was definitely going to be the night.   Just as she went to bed it started to rain and she decided to switch everything off.  Went out in the morning early and still no foal.    She made it quite clear she wanted to go back out with Koco, everything had tightened up at the back end and the milk was only dripping.   Put her collar on and said "fair enough you can go out, but DO NOT have your baby out in the field".    I went down to the barn to do the birds at 7am and at 8am Samantha came running down to say that Ellie was foaling down in the middle of the field, so much for that chat then!!!     20 minutes later "Milo" was here.   Just a shame it took him until 3.15 p.m., to decide he really could do this finding teat AND sucking thing after all.    What a relief to only have to spend half a day milking poor Ellie from both sides, as she was once again gushing from both, and now all we hear when we walk in the box is "slurp, slurp, slurp", what a wonderful sound that is.

(13 months)

Milo's sire the wonderful Holme Park Legend (photo courtesy of Trakehners UK/Holme Park Stud)