BORN : 21 June 2011

Sire : Fleetwater Swift

Dam : Sockburn Isadora            by Illuster


Well it was a beautiful summer evening when it finally happened.  Ellie had been waxed up for a week now and we were starting to get slightly nervous; was she ever going to let us see this last Fleetwater Swift foal?   Carol had warned us that it would be a big foal and that we would probably have to help deliver it but Ellie would let us know when she was going to have it and would make it quite clear if she needed any help.   We decided to put her out on the grass in the front garden so we could keep a close eye on her and just before we started eating our tea she started pacing and was very restless so to the foaling box she went.   The CCTV was then put on and as we were eating tea, Ellie started screaming loudly and was looking out of her window at the verandah so out we went and true to Carol's prediction she started straight away.   Carol had always said "she will want you there" and sure enough as soon as we went in the box, she broke out on her neck and went down.  An hour later the giraffe was here, with rather a lot of pushing by Ellie and pulling by us I might add!!!!   The last Fleetwater Swift colt was finally here, Warrawee Illusion, and what a beauty. 

Competition Life Has Started !

Winter 2019

Well Louie has now started competing, unaffiliated dressage.    Have started him off at Intro as he is a little insecure out in the big wide world !   Coming along nicely :)

Two year old Assessment Class at Trakehner Breeders Fraternity Show - 7 September 2013

(25 months old)

(Official photographer for Warrawee Trakehners : Vive La Images (www.vivelaimages.co.uk - Andrea Good))

Louie's sire the wonderful Fleetwater Swift (photos courtesy of Carol Torrance)